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        ProteinT bridges technological advance with clinical practice. Disassociation of clinical practice and basic science is a mojor issue in the field of biological research. On one hand, clinicians who were not perfectly trained in science understand very well of clinical problems and have the access to clinical materials. On the other hand, basic scientists, especially these bioengineers in proteomic cofacillities, run the clinical projects but do not participate the projects' design and sample preparation.  The inharmony between the two sides caused the fact that most clinical proteomic projects failed. ProteinT is composed of staffs with a variety of clinical background and decades of translational proteomic experiences, which were mostly gained in US (NIH, Yale, etc. ).
        ProteinT represents the best of the field. We work together with many prestigous institutions of academy and medicine, such as the NIH, Yale, and ETH (Zurich) proteomic facillities and their affiliated hospitals. We also partner with world-famous biotech companies in the field, such as the Bioproximity, the Anaspec, and the JPT (Germany). All these collaborations/connections secure us to be with the latest technology/knowledge and guarantee the quality of our work.
        ProteinT aims at the future. Gene-based molecular diagnoses (AKA "the next generation sequencing") is reaching its limit in clinical applications. As funtional counterparts of genes, proteins and protein status turn to be more and more important in defining diseases. Taking above, ProteinT unhesitatingly joined the exploration of developing protein assays for clinical diagnoses. Equiped with the state-of-art proteomic insturments and supported by several Chinese major clinical specimen banks, ProteinT aims to lead the field of developing mass spectrometry-based diagostic standards.
        Collaborate with ProteinT for no cost! ProteinT is able to bridge clinicians with advanced proteomic technologies. In our collaboration mode, we work closely with clinicians by providing free scientific expertises and technical supports in project design and sample collection. We will fully conduct the project. Clinicians only need to raise clinical questions and give us access to corresponding specimens but do not need to contribute financially.  Under this collaborative mode, profit will be shared accordingly by both sides.